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Chandbali Earrings.

Kundan Chandbali Earrings,

Radha krishna Earrings.

Mango kundan necklace.

Kundan peacock necklace.

Nakshi kundan necklace.

Trying to make the same pc outside may not get the same finish.

Visit us for a perfect finish, the most competitive price, on-time delivery. Presenting latest design of choker studded with pacchi setting flat diamonds

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What is the difference in Uncut Diamond, flat Diamond and Diamond

Normally when you say DIAMOND jewellery it is regular diamond with proper cuts generally in Round brilliant cut having 57 cuts + 1 culet. totaling to 58 properly facets. A proper cut gives the best shining and brings a smile on our face.

Apart form cutting major properties are Clarity, Color and Carat is examined by recognised laboratories and certified.

We at MLJGOLD SRI MAHALAXMI GEMS AND JEWELLERS get all our jewellery tested and certified by one of the highest recognised laboratory in the world IGI (International Gemological institute)

We select only highest grading in all our jewellery with VVS clarity and EF color

Comparing to other grades this grading is considered the best.

Chakri diamonds or uncut diamond is also natural diamond which cannot be given proper cut as we get these gems in very small size in mother earth.

Polki diamond or Flat diamonds are Gems whioch doesn't have proper depth to give the proper cutting. These pcs are used as flat diamond.

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